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About Rhodes
Rhodes is the meeting point of three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa. Rhodes is the largest of a complex of islands in the southeastern Aegean, ranging from the large to the tiny and numbering over 200, known as the Dodecanese. The name means 'twelve islands' and refers to the principal inhabited islands - of which there are, in fast, thirteen. It is believed that some of these islands 'broke away' from the mainland of Asia Minor while others rose from the sea as a result of earthquakes in the remote past. Rhodes probably rose from the sea after some such tremendous upheaval and was also, perhaps, at one stage linked to Asia Minor. This conclusion is supported by the fast that seashells have been found on its mountain sides. The island's highest mountain is Atavyros (1,215 m). The present population of 100.000 manage to entertain more than 1.250.000 visitors a year, visitors who come to enjoy, the natural beauty of the island and to learn something of its long history.
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